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Electric Sheep: Basic Experiential E-spinning

Beginner (no experience)

Tempted by spinning but not sure a regular wheel’s for you? Intrigued by the idea of making just the yarn you want but not sure where you’d put a wheel if you had one? Feet/knees not doing what you want as painlessly as they used to, making the whole treadling part of wheel spinning look less than fun? Take an e-spinner for, well, a spin! In this experiential, process-oriented class designed for folks just starting their spinning journey, students will learn and practice some bedrock spinning skills while trying out ten different e-spinners from eight different companies. By the end of the class, new spinners should have a sense of whether spinning on an e-spinner is for them and know a bit more about how various e-spinners work and how they compare with one another as well as with analog wheels. E-spinners are small, tabletop-friendly, juiced up and ready to go–you might discover one that’s just right for you!

Class Details

Skill Level
Min. Age Requirement
Ticket Price ($)
Electric Sheep: Basic Experiential E-spinning
Beginner (no experience)
Q Writz
Class open to students 12 years old and up. Students must have enough manual dexterity to hold and draft wool roving and must be able to to focus for the duration of the class.
2.5 hours

What skills or knowledge do students need to take this workshop?

No previous experience required; though open to anyone interested, class is specifically designed for new spinners who want to explore e-spinning.

What supplies or equipment does the ticket cover?

Shared use of instructor’s herd of e-spinners–including models by Ashford, Daedalus, Dreaming Robots, Hansen, SpinOlution, and more; use of various types of undyed and dyed fiber (mostly wool and wool-blend) for spinning.

What supplies or equipment should students bring?

No participant-provided materials required, and no student homework beforehand. Students just need to bring their curiosity and willingness to learn–and their patience with the process and with themselves.

Meet Your Instructor

Q Writz

Liza Q. Wirtz, better known as Q (aka the Chief Feline), runs multifaceted fiber-arts business the Foldout Cat from her home studio in Alabama with the frequent and welcome assistance of partners Fiber J and Maker J and the help of a fluctuating number of cats. Having spent several past lives in other occupations–including bookseller, lawyer, and professional singer–Q now works fulltime towards earning her living as an artist and a creative. Q has been weaving in a freestyle/free-spirited tradition for nine years, carding for six years, spinning for more than five years, and dyeing for three years. She teaches freestyle weaving, art-batt carding, and basic experiential spinning on acoustic and electric wheels with the same philosophy that infuses her praxis: create from your heart, make what gives you joy, and put beauty into the world. Q wholeheartedly believes that everyone's an artist and that giving people access to fiber-arts tools and learning lets them prove it to themselves.
Q also makes and sells one-of-a-kind art batts built from the Foldout Cat's unique Batt Buffet, handspun yarn, hand-dyed microbatch yarn and fiber, finished fiber-arts items, and simple fiber-arts tools. She has taught, vended, or both at fiber events and workshops in multiple states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

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