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The Mechanics of Knitting

Basic (some experience)

Do you always have to go up or down several needle sizes to get gauge in your knitting? In this class we will study how stitch formation, knitting style and knitting method effect your fabric and learn how to create a uniform fabric with evenly sized stitches.

First, students will survey their own knitting. Then, we will discuss how the different aspects of stitch formation can change gauge. Finally we will experiment with different knitting styles (Continental, English, Portuguese and more) and knitting methods (western, eastern and combination) and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

This class is for knitters that are comfortable knitting and purling but consider themselves tight or loose knitters and/or knitters who wish to explore and practice different knitting styles and methods.

Class Details

Skill Level
Min. Age Requirement
Ticket Price ($)
The Mechanics of Knitting
Basic (some experience) Intermediate Advanced
Ellen Thomas
3 hours

What skills or knowledge do students need to take this workshop?

Students must be able to confidently knit and purl.

What supplies or equipment does the ticket cover?

Students will receive a printed packet with a personal stitch survey and class outline that includes instructional information and space for taking notes.

What supplies or equipment should students bring?

Students should bring an easy-to-see, smooth, light colored yarn (approximately dk to worsted weight) to knit with, as well as appropriately sized needles.

Meet Your Instructor

Ellen Thomas

Ellen Thomas, creator of The Chilly Dog, is a professional pattern designer, tech editor and knitting instructor with a background in engineering and a passion for fiber arts.

In addition to thoughtfully designing patterns featuring fundamental knitting skills and construction methods, Ellen creates series of companion videos demonstrating techniques used in the patterns. This allows knitters to gain knowledge and confidence with on-demand instructional resources as they are knitting.

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