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Dusk to Dawn Fibers

Dusk to Dawn Fibers

We are two fiber artists based in Nashville, TN and we started our yarn dyeing journey in October 2021. What started out as jokes about "when we start dyeing yarn" or "that would be a great colorway name" soon turned into a full fledged dream about starting our own business. While brainstorming names for our business, we quickly settled on a night theme because we are both night owls. There's a peacefulness to the time between dusk and dawn, and it is during this time that we get a lot of our knitting and crocheting done. Also, since we both have full-time jobs, a lot of our yarn dyeing has taken place during this time.

It has been so exciting taking inspiration from the things we love and turning them into a visual through the medium of yarn. We are so excited to share with you all the colorways and collections we have dreamed up. Our hope is that you will join us on this journey as we grow our business and that our yarn will bring you as much joy as it has for us.

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