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12 Month Project Planning

All levels

Do you get lost in the shuffle of the year for making things and deadlines sneak up on you? Looking to be intentional in your making life? We will be hosting a workshop to help you get your next 12 months of projects planned! No more, Oh I wish I would have started sooner conversations with yourself. Or the perpetual I really want to learn this new technique and keep putting this pattern on the backburner.

Heather has created a journal for you to use in planning your makes for the next 12 months. And when we say planning, we will be using some of our best practices to ensure that there is always time for the last minute project or to squeeze in a test knit/crochet that you just have to do!

In this workshop we will be doing a process to determine how long we take to make things. Bring scrap yarn (this could be no larger than a mini skein in any weight yarn) and crochet hook or knitting needle to find out the time you will need to create all the beautiful things!

This is a workshop, and we will be looking to you to provide the details. So, bring your wishlists, patterns you are considering, holiday/birthday calendars, and be ready to get your next 12 months planned to make it easier to begin executing all your stitching fun! Heather will walk you through prioritizing, estimating making time, and asking yourself the questions to feel more confident and empowered in your making journeys.

Class Details

Skill Level
Min. Age Requirement
Ticket Price ($)
12 Month Project Planning
All levels
Heather Swan
2.5 hours

What skills or knowledge do students need to take this workshop?

Students need to be interested in creating plans and understanding how to organize the things they want to make in the future.

What supplies or equipment does the ticket cover?

Fiber Arts Start to Finish Book signed by the author.

What supplies or equipment should students bring?

Pen, 50 yards of Worsted Weight Yarn, US8/5mm Knit Needle or Crochet Hook Size J/5.75mm.

Meet Your Instructor

Heather Swan

Heather learned to crochet and sew as a young child. Her sewing stuck with her for years and then she picked up some knitting needles over 15 years ago never looking back. She eventually went back to her roots and started to crochet again. And as she has been falling down the fiber arts rabbit hole, she also enjoys spinning and weaving. Heather has coached youth sports since she was a youth and enjoys passing along her knowledge to help others take their interests to the next step. If you enjoy learning and laughing, you will definitely enjoy spending time at the table with Heather picking up a new skill.

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